Xbox 360 slim hard drive

However, there is a solution, no matter what capacity Xbox hard drive you currently own, you can always upgrade it. If you have chosen to do so there are two options: getting an original Xbox hard drive upgrade or 2.

The first option is the easiest. You just buy desired capacity hard drive in Xbox specific casing and replace it with the old one, and it works! The second option for a xbox hard drive is a little bit more tricky. Some other things have to be done before. The most easiest way to upgrade your storage capacity is adding Xbox an external hard drive, check out our Top 6 Best Xbox External Hard Drives article. Notice, that now Xbox allows you to add external hdd with capacity up to 2TB.

In this article, we have created a list of best Xbox compatible hard drives you can get whether you want to upgrade Xbox slim hard drive or just regular Xbox hard drive. This is the biggest capacity hard drive for the Xbox you can get. This hard drive is fully compatible with the Xbox E and Xbox S consoles.

Another excellent choice for Xbox hard drive upgrade. And it has a great price!

xbox 360 slim hard drive

This external drive is designed especially for the original Xbox fat consoles. The total capacity here is GB, which should be enough for any Xbox user. The 1-year replacement warranty guarantees us satisfaction with transferring the game profiles. Your Xbox original should recognize it without much hassle. First thing you have to do is to turn off the console and locate hard drive 1. Then press the release button on the hard drive and lift the hard drive away from the console.

You can also go other way and choose to upgrade you Xbox or Xbox slim hard drive with laptop 2. Now you can choose your HDD manufacturer and specs you want. This is the hardest way to upgrade your Xbox hard drivebut if you really need that extra performance and options, you should consider this.

This hard drive is new-generation, and therefore you will be able to use it for different purpose even if your Xbox breaks down. One of the fastest HDDs you can get for your console, if not the fastest.

15 XBox 360 Slim Hard Drives 2020

The drive is backed up with a 2-year warranty, as the most Seagate products. All of these hard drive upgrades are quite cheap, and if you have a storage capacity below GB, you definitely should upgrade your Xbox hard drive. Contact About Privacy Adverstise with us Giveaways. You can only use a WD drive for this. This article sucks.

xbox 360 slim hard drive

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Recommendation: Best Xbox 360 Internal or External Hard Drives [Clone Disk]

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Thank you! Microsoft Support. I'm sorry to see any storage issues! It sounds kind of like the system hasn't updated to where it has the operating system that allows for this.

xbox 360 slim hard drive

Could this be the case? That will at least verify you've got the proper update. I would still lean towards a bad console if that doesn't work. The hard drives seem to be fine, based on the troubleshooting you've done by yourself. I suggest taking it back to the retailer to see if they can swap it out. Did this solve your problem? Yes No.

Xbox 360 Extra Hard Drives

Sorry this didn't help. Thanks for your feedback. That'll let you know if you're on the current one. That will prompt you to uninstall the update, then restart your console and try again. But please do keep me updated. October 6, Due to high volumes, response times in the community may be delayed over the next few days.

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Thanks for marking this as the answer. How satisfied are you with this reply? Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.Do you enjoy playing Xbox slim console games? Do you need extra space to save the ultimate games you love and have less storage? If the answers are yes, then you inevitably have dropped into the right place because we have everything here you need. We will be mentioning everything about an Xbox slim Hard drive, the speed, the build, and all the things that make a hard drive better.

If you are a hard-core Xbox gamer, you sure will like every option we have mentioned here because they provide you the best deal. Here we have the Xbox GB hard drive, and it is from Microsoft. Xbox is just not all about games, but also you can save movies and many more.

Your favorite games now have a new place, and you can store a lot of them because you have GB to spend with them! The drive is super-fast and very well built. The hard drive now we are mentioning is better and a newer version of the previously mentioned product. Here you have more room to play with because it has GB of storage. You can save much in this one in terms of money because the upgrade is cheap and you are getting a ton of more space.

You can save your favorite games in this, and your Xbox live game profile will also be safe here. You can also play and save your own custom soundtracks here. The special thing with this is that it is fast, and the system files are already included with it. Here we have a brand other than Microsoft, which gives you a great deal of storage at a very low price from the originals. Also, they have the same amount of reliability and amazing built quality. With this one, we go full external storage type, and 2-terabytes is way too much.

They go with every Xbox device in the market. These are solely made for offline use and are not fast with online gameplay. Western Digital is one of the biggest drive manufacturers and arguably the best and most loved in the market.

This is just the 3-terabyte version of the previously mentioned product. Western Digital Black is the most premium product out there and is the most bought HDD in the market and amazon. What is not to love with this one? WD Black is a five terabyte portable storage option and is very compatible with all the xbox.

Five terabytes is an overkill storage option, so you will never have a storage problem. Again, Western Digital has proven that there is no other HDD manufacturer that can make any better products. Three terabytes is still a lot, but they also have an Xbox game pass for two months. Microsoft made this special media hard drive that can fit inside the Xbox console, and also this has fairly enough storage. The game pass coming free with it is one hell of a deal and makes it more likable.

The built quality is just superb. The speed is great, but again as it is with the external devices, only that online gameplay speeds are not that good. Still apart from that this is a great performer. This is one other 4-terabytes version, and you can store over titles in this, and the speed is increasable. Seagate has specially optimized this for Xbox, and the color it comes with matches the theme too. If you need very much space and you want to consider a product which has high storage and great reliability, this is the one to go for because there is so much you can do with 4-terabytes and saving over titles is not a joke.This introduces 2 Xbox internal hard drives and 4 Xbox external hard drives for you.

In addition, this post also gives you guides on how to format and upgrade these drives. The Xbox is Microsoft's second-generation home console. On April 21,nearly 10 years after its launch, the Microsoft Xbox game console was discontinued.

But Microsoft asserted that it will continue to provide hardware and software support for the existing Xbox The Xbox Live server will continue to be used by the Xboxand users can still play online through the host. Microsoft will also continue to sell the existing Xbox The latest Xbox operating system update is released on Aug 21, This update fixes some minor bugs and improves some items. Today, some people still like to use Xbox because some games may be compatible only with Xbox Although Xbox One has introduced the downward compatibility plan and you can plan some Xbox and Xbox classic games on Xbox One, there still may be some games not participating in this plan.

These Xbox consoles are all equipped with a hard drive not exceeding GB, which obviously can't meet the demands of gamers. Therefore, in this post, I recommend you 6 Xbox hard drives. You can upgrade your old and small drive to the Xbox internal hard drive or just add an Xbox external hard drive.

What are the best Xbox One external hard drives in ? Xbox S hard drive and Xbox E hard drive can be removed and replaced. Hence, you can upgrade the Xbox internal hard drive directly. In general, the Xbox Slim hard drive and the Xbox E hard drive have the same shape. It looks like the following picture:. You can install game discs directly to the hard drive to enjoy faster game loading. This drive is an official product from Microsoft, so you should not have any problems.

Xbox Fat console, also called the original Xbox console, was released in Xbox Slim and Xbox E were released later. The original Xbox console is fatter than Xbox S and E. The shape of the internal hard drive is also different from that of the latter two consoles. The shape is like the following one:. This drive is only compatible with the Fat console, not the Slim console.Phone Transfer.

xbox 360 slim hard drive

I have a 64GB slim hard drive for saving all my present games in Xbox console but it's too small. I couldn't even install new games on it. Finally, I made the decision and I bought a new hard drive which is GB. If you are having this issue, don't worry.

Turn off Xbox console and take out the old Xbox slim hard drive; 2. Connect both the old Xbox slim hard drive and new hard drive to your PC. Your next move is to clone and transfer all saved games and packages from old Xbox slim hard drive to the new HDD. How to upgrade Xbox HDD to a bigger one without losing all game files? Copying and paste won't be able to move all installation files or hidden files into the new drive. Here you may try professional disk clone software and let it help you complete this task.

You can also apply it to clone and upgrade Xbox one to bigger drive without losing any game files. Just free download it here and apply it for cloning Xbox HDD now:.

Step 1. And then select the destination disk that you want to save cloned disk or partition with data. Replace the old Xbox slim hard drive with the newly upgraded HDD and put it into the hard drive case; 2. Insert the new hard drive into Xbox console; 3. This software offers a myriad of features and is extremely user-friendly.

It provides a full system backup, meaning you can back up your entire operating system. Clone will copy one disk to another or one partition to another unallocated space is also supported. Usually, this option is used to upgrade the current disk by creating an identical copy.

Backup will generate a. PBD image file containing the selected files or system that can be restored from the. PBD image if needed. System Backup will auto-select the system boot related partition s as the backup source to make sure the system image can be restored properly. If you use the computer frequently or have software that may cause boot failure of the computer, we would suggest you back up the computer every 1 to 2 days.

For other situations, you can backup the computer once a week. In addition, you can schedule File Backup to back up the files which are changed frequently. It is suggested NOT to save the image on the source disk, because once the disk is damaged, all the files on the disk will become unavailable and you will be unable to restore the image.

"xbox 360 slim 500gb hard drive"

In addition, you can execute System Backup to back up the system and boot partitions on every computer and set a plan to execute the backup once a day or twice a week to ensure that the computer can be restored timely when it has boot issues. File Backup feature can be used to back up important user data.Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

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