Before you proceed to delete ALL your tweets, remember this is irreversible. Also as there are limitation in Twitter API, there is a cap on the number of tweets that can delete daily. Therefore for users with huge number of tweets, deletion may need to be done in batches.

Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. For your information, here are the five things you need to know when you delete a tweet. When you delete a Tweet, it is removed from your account, the timeline of any accounts you follow, and also Twitter search results. If other users have quoted your Tweet i. If other users have Retweeted your Tweet with a comment of their own, their Tweets will not be removed. Tweets may be cached or cross-posted on third-party websites, applications, or search engines.

We cannot remove Tweets that are not on Twitter. Tweet Deleter is available in free and premium version. However the free version is very restricted as it only has a daily delete of 3 tweets!! This web app is probably useful for those who are willing to pay to fully utilize the features, or for users who want to get rid of a few bad tweets only.

Make sure that you are connecting to the correct Twitter account to avoid accidental deletion of the wrong Twitter account. After running the search, you have the option to delete all the tweets that match your search, or do deletion selectively by checking the boxes next to each tweet. Unfav does more than just deleting of normal tweets.

You can also configure it to delete favorites, replies and retweets. It is extremely user-friendly as you can see from the screenshot below. Basically you just need to set the number of deletions that you want every 15 mins, and let the app run automated. This gives you lots of control and peace of mind especially when you are setting the tweets deletion on automation. It is a simple web-based tool that gives you the ability to filter and delete your tweets. To start deleting, simply search using keywords or filter using dates.

Twitter Archive Eraser is an application that requires an installation on your desktop. This is one of the most recent application created to bulk delete tweets. The user interface requires more polishing, but having said that, the functionality is neat. Using Cardigan, you can filter by tweets, retweets, and replies.TweetEraser allows you to delete multiple tweets from an account directly in the browser, without having to install programs on Windows or MacOS.

The online tool synchronizes the Twitter account and displays all user posts on the social network, including retweets and replies, allowing you to select and delete all the items you want at once. It is also possible to search for keywords to find and remove only posts related to that subject. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to delete tweets with TweetEraser.

Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. See all your tweets on the screen, in chronological order. Step 4. Inform if you want to delete only the desired tweets or all the posts found. Step 5. The results will appear immediately and you can quickly delete them, following the previous steps. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Home Imprint Contact. Somag News. Home Tech How to delete tweets with TweetEraser. Huawei announces Kirinnew 7nm 5G processor. Peacock: NBC streaming arrives today for Comcast subscribers. Nokia 9. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich would be starting a relationship March 25, OnePlus 7 OxygenOS April 6, Designed to assist you in filtering and deleting a bunch of tweets in the most effective way, TweetEraser is a plain web-based tool that provides efficiency to Twitter users.

With this tool, you can import your tweets and even the whole archive, sort them and clear them out in just a few clicks away. For any devices, TweetEraser can be used. In providing the best experience of customers, app development is still in progress. If you want to experience the best, this tool can help you in many ways. If you are planning to rely on the perfect web-based tool, Tweet Eraser has a lot to offer. It has been one of the trusted tools in terms of deleting or sorting out your tweets.

It makes sure to guarantee the satisfaction of the users with its excellent features and services. Handle your account with TweetEraser. TweetEraser has a lot of exciting features that help in giving you the best Twitter tool that can be experienced. It is one of the recommended tools since you can get a lot of advantages perfect for your needs.

You can experience a free eraser tool without needing to pay for charges. Your timeline will remain clean with no messages included that can spam the timeline of your Twitter account.

How to delete all tweets

With TweetEraser, you can import your Twitter comprehensive archive. You can delete the older ones and not only the most current tweets. You can experience your desired process without seeing annoying ads.

You can save the search results you have expected and be able to save them. This way, you can use them for later needs. Use for multiple Twitter accounts. If you want to handle multiple twitter accounts, you can use this tool as a great option. At regular times, you can automatically run your saves search filter. You can even do this with your multiple Twitter accounts. Together with the database, your delete tweets on Twitter will be deleted.

You could keep it for later needs. This can be one of the exciting features TweetEraser has. From your Twitter account, you have the power to clean-up your favorites.Looking for solutions to delete all your tweets?

You are at the right place. I have multiple twitter accounts for different purposes and blogs, and recently I wanted to start afresh for one of the accounts, because I wanted to hook it up with another blog, and the tweets are not related to that particular niche. Anyway, the following are the 5 reasons why users want to delete all their tweets.

Update on Mar Due to numerous request from readers on what other alternatives are available, I have written a separate post that you may be interested too — Best Twitter Tools for Bulk Deleting Tweets. After filtering, you can delete selectively, or select-all and delete.

There are also guides on the website to guide you if you are not sure. Go to the websitesign-in with Twitter by oAuth and allowing TweetEraser access. TwitWipe is a simpler web-based application to delete all your tweets.

So if you want to delete everything the easy and fast way, this will do the job for you. A few clicks, and the deletion process is ongoing.


Start deleting here. It may take a few hours for the process to be completed. I noticed that Twitter seems to take a while to reflect the changes too. For those who want to delete all the tweets from their iPhone or iPad, you can use Tweeticide from the App store.

As with all iOs apps, the interface is easy to navigate and use. Unfortunately there is no apps on Android market that does the job yet. Do you know of any?

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Lincoln is a fan of Apple products, loves red wine and traveling. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow imstash.Twitter was created in as a short messaging system for small groups. Since then Twitter has come a long way and has evolved into a powerful communication tool. It has dramatically changed how information is shared and spread online.

One fine day you realize that you have been tweeting since long and have outgrown them, regret your opinion on controversial subjects, you only re-tweet, or only chat or may be your tweet has too many links, whatever the reason you have decided to delete all past tweets. Can you really delete all tweets and start afresh on Twitter without losing your followers or username?

Yes you can! There are quite a few popular free web tools available, that can help you delete all your tweets and start on Twitter with a blank slate. Keep in mind there is no going back once you have deleted your tweets. If you think you may want to save them beforehand — you should check Backupify. It automatically performs scheduled backups at the online services they support. It offers Twitter backups for free and three additional premium plans, depending on how much storage you need.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you download an archive of your tweet history before you start deleting your tweets. TwitWipe is a free service that helps you delete your tweets in one go. If the total number of tweets to delete is 3, or less then the tool can delete all the tweets with a single click. If your tweets exceed 3, then it needs to be deleted manually. Remember, the deletion is permanent and depending on the number of tweets, the deletion process may take some time.

TweetDelete is also a service for Twitter users. It allows you to automatically delete your Twitter posts that are older than a maximum age that you specify. TweetDelete can only delete the latest 3, tweets on your account. Cardigan is a free service and helps you find and delete old tweets.Currently there are not that much settings at TweetEraser. The most important setting will allow you either to delete your tweets directly or put them into a queue and let them being deleted by a recurrently running system job.

Go to the settings page and lets have a look at the top panel. There are some setting option:. By default this option is enabled. With this option you can select if you want to delete your tweets immediately or if you want to let the job done by a recurring running system script.

According to how much you want to delete and the current performance of our server, it could take up to several minutes for finishing.

Disadvantage for disabling this option is, that your tweets will not be deleted directly. Hereby the priority of selecting marked tweets is the time stamp of your delete confirmation in descending order.

Unfortunately it might be possible that there are thousands of tweets waiting to be deleted. Here you could setup your preferred email address to receive an information if and when your tweets has been deleted. Or you could even see live if that job is currently running and how much tweets are left to delete.

Twitter: Delete All Tweets From Your Account

Just a small goody. Enable this option and reload the page. Twitter Data. Twitter Archive vs. Archives September November June May Powered by WordPress. TweetEraser System Settings. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.You're probably not the same person you were five years ago.

Even if you are, Twitter is absolutely not the same place it was in its early days. The freewheeling low-stakes website for throwing bad jokes into the abyss has transformed into an enormous public forum inhabited by just about everyone who's anyone, plus a legion of the worst people on the planet.

There's no good reason your tweets of yore should still exist, and every good reason to get rid of them. There are effectively two ways to delete your tweets. The first is a service like Tweet Deletewhich plugs into your Twitter account and goes to town.

Delete All Tweets

Tweet Delete is free and easy but incomplete—it will only rid the world of your 3, most recent tweets. Let's call this a "light delete. The second approach is more involved and generally comes with a fee.

Take TweetEraser. Let's call this the "full delete. In short, Twitter gives applications like tweet-deleters access to only your most recent Tweets, while the rest are inaccessible. You can still find these on your feed and so can other people. You might go through and delete them yourself, but they're out of range of light delete apps. Full delete tools get around this limitation generally by asking you to upload an archive of your tweets, which gives them a full map instead of the limited one they'd get from Twitter's API, thereby bypassing Twitter's API limitations.

There is a third option, which is to use a light delete method like Tweet Delete over and over again, each time sloughing off the 3, most recent tweets on your account. Depending on your number of tweets, this might be feasible, if arduous. And if you have fewer than 3, tweets in total, I admire your restraint! Go have a beer with the time and money you've saved!

Whatever path you choose, your first step should be to request your Twitter archive. If you're doing a light delete, this is just for posterity, so you can skip it.


But full deleters may need to go through with it. Go to Twitter in the tab you probably already have open and click your user icon in the top right corner of your home screen. Then, click Settings and Privacy and scroll down to the button that says Request your archive. Now click the button.


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