Jeep j20 restoration

At JeepHeritage, we take full responsibility to deliver flawless vintage Jeeps. We are a small volume manufacturer, producing only a limited number of vehicles per year to ensure perfection. Our team of expert mechanics, upholstery artists and structural engineers maintain a true passion for the Jeep brand. Our line of vehicles are each handcrafted in Texas from the ground up. We are designing an investment built to last. With immense attention to detail, our restorations begin with a complete teardown to the last nut and bolt.

Nut and bolt, frame off restoration to as close as your Jeep left the assembly line from the factory. Stock performance on engine, transmission and brakes. Rust protection and full leather upholstery for durability. Same attention to details as our Cara mencari program tv yang hilang One restoration with modern upgrades such as:. Vintage aesthetics, modern mechanics.

jeep j20 restoration

Completely reengineered frame and performance. Available with hp 6. Restored Jeeps. Restoration process. In the build inventory.

Fixing up a old Jeep gladiator

Custom vintage Jeeps, handcrafted in Texas quality Jeep restorations. Quality At JeepHeritage, we take full responsibility to deliver flawless vintage Jeeps. Learn More about our intense restoration process. Reach out to us and let's get you started. Learn more about this jeep cherokee s. Learn more about this jeep cherokee chief. Learn more about this jeep cherokee golden eagle. Learn more about this jeep j honcho sportside. Learn more about this jeep grand wagoneer.

Learn more about this Willys Station Wagon. Learn more about our restoration process. Contact us.By offering durable and dependable aftermarket parts, we can save you the expense of having to purchase costly OEM parts.

With our OE-Style replacement parts, you can restore your Jeep to like-new condition and extend its life, without paying an arm and a leg in the process. These rust repair panels will allow you to restore your Jeep to its best performing and looking condition, whether you need classic Jeep Cherokee restoration parts or repair panels for your daily driver.

We offer Jeep rocker panel replacements, rocker panel backing plates, front floor sections, rear floor sections, lower front door skins, lower rear door skins, lower rear quarter panels, dog legs, rear quarter panels, and front quarter panels. Raybuck gives you access to superior customer support when buying Jeep body repair panels. Browse Our Jeep Parts Inventory Whether you're looking for a Jeep floor pan, a Jeep rocker panel, or Jeep flooring, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Get Unmatched Customer Support from Raybuck Raybuck gives you access to superior customer support when buying Jeep body repair panels.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

The Spartacus Bumper features a satin black powder-coated finish on a sturdy 11 gauge stamped steel construction. Designed to work with any winch models. This modular design gives your Jeep a custom look able to conquer any terrain.

jeep j20 restoration

A bumper that offers as many looks as it does possibilities. Rugged Ridge's Tire Carrier maintains full mobility of the rear tailgate and eliminates the cumbersome two-stage opening process present in other designs for easy use. The receiver hitch kit from Rugged Ridge offers a sturdy attachment point for the rear of your Jeep which makes towing your toys a breeze.

This aluminum alloy constructed wheel gives a sleek style to your JK Wrangler. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes some would say it emulates rotary style phone. Exclusively designed for Rugged Ridge this new wheel offers exceptional performance styling as well as functionality with built in valve stem protection. Rugged Ridge's modular designed wheel that comes in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Optional rock rings and center caps can allow you to customize your wheels. The classic D-Window wheel is one of the most recognized wheels in the industry. Made of stamped heavy gauged steel with a black powder coated finish. The visual appearance of the name stands for a legacy and history that no other vehicle in the world can match. Whether you're fixing dents, fighting rust or you bought someone else's unfinished Jeep project yes that does happenOmix-ADA has all of the Jeep parts you need to make your build a happy build and create the Jeep of your dreams.

Sometimes we have to start with a complete new body tub to get your project going with a solid base. Shop By.

Jeep J20 Cars for sale

Community Poll. What do you drive? All Rights Reserved.There have always been fancy trucks and working trucks, almost for as long as there have been trucks at all. Last week the state of California enabled legal assisted suicide for the terminally ill.

I think not. Hopefully its new owner will enjoy it for a long, long time. These body-on-frame trucks debuted in lateand shared a lot of parts with the Wagoneer station wagon. The trucks would be continued to be offered over the better part of the next three decades, during which time Jeep saw three different owners. A gladiator! Get it? Is this thing on? The trucks were further sub-categorized by wheelbase length, the inch shorty being designated the J while the inch model went by J, etc.

Further, the pickup versions could be identified by their bed style, where they were classified as king, queen, full… Townside or Thriftside. This Gladiator is a J Townside which means it comes with the short wheelbase and the fenders-in-the-box bed. It also has 4-wheel drive made possible by a dual-range transfer case and Dualmatic front hubs.

Factory specs claimed bhp and lb-ft of torque for the mill. Everything else in the cab maintains a warm patina of wear and age, but could stand some Chiquita Banana stickers or something.

Outside things are equally well kept, with no major dings, dents, or body modifications visible, and a claim of no rust. The back bumper is one of those huge wrap-around affairs that in the black paint presented here looks like those huge sunglasses little old ladies have to wear right after their cataract surgeries.

One place where the wear and tear has obviously gotten out of hand on this truck is in the weatherstripping department, as the seals on the doors look coprolitic. You get a clean California title with the truck, however according to the ad it is currently under non-op status. That would probably be about eighty bucks. Or, do you give this Gladiator a thumb down for it? City of Angels Craigslistor go here if the ad disappears. Click here to send a me a fixed-price tip, and remember to include your Kinja handle.

Rob Emslie is a contributing writer for Jalopnik. He has too many cars, and not enough time to work on them all.Axle Parts. Brake Parts. Clutch Parts. Cooling Parts.

Emission Parts. Exhaust Parts. Fuel Parts. Jeep Gauges. Ignition Parts. Locks and Cylinders. Manual Locking Hubs. Steering Parts. Suspension Parts. Transfer Case Parts. Transmission Parts. Tune-Up Kits. Wiper Parts. The pickups were designated as J and J models the series was dropped in untilthen as J10 and J20 models from to From to Jeep pickups offered the AMC cu in 5.

ForJeep J pickups included Dana's manual four-wheel-drive system, a more powerful cu in 4. The Honcho was a trim package on the J10 pickup, offered from It consisted of bold striping and decals, and was offered with factory extras such as the Levi's interior or a roll bar.

The content of the Honcho package varied from year to year, but "always included the wide-track look of the Cherokee Chief. The Honcho package was only available on the sportside stepside and short bed trucks. Between andonly 1, of the sportside versions were produced.

Lights, Lens & Bezels

Give us a call today at: and our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you.Make Jeep. Hello fellow FSJ lovers There's an interesting story behind this Jeep, but I'll save that for the full description, which you'll find immediately following the huge pics below.

I've hunted down many rust free Southern California FSJ's over the years, but never one quite like this. It's local, and I mean l-o-c-a-l It was purchased brand new right here in Palm Springs by its first owner and sold after just two years to the gentleman I bought it from, who's owned it for the past 35 years.

This man, now in his mid 80's, was a land surveyor here in the desert and this was his work truck for many years. When he finally retired, he began storing it at his buddy's RV repair shop, which is where I found it. It's entirely possible that in 37 years this truck has never been out of the Coachella Valley!

jeep j20 restoration

The RV shop owner was surprised when I asked him to find out if the truck's owner would be interested in selling.

When he asked what I wanted it for, I told him I planned to list it on ebay and it would very likely end up going to the east coast or even Europe. He was even more surprised by that. He didn't know that there was a worldwide fan base for these full size Jeeps, especially ones like this with no rot and a super clean body.

Having stored it the past several years, he was pleased when I said that I would get it into the hands of a guy who will appreciate it for the "unicorn" that it is.

So if that's you, hit the "Buy-it-Now" button and make this the end of your search! I gotta say, I really do have an eagle eye for scoping out these beasts. I was driving 40 mph down Cathedral Canyon Drive and for just a split second I caught the left headlight and part of the grill tucked away behind a slatted chain link fence.

I immediately knew what it was and made a u-turn. It was Sunday and the place was closed, so I wrote down the name of the business and called the next day. The RV shop owner said he guessed I could come check it out, if I really wanted. I was out the door in a flash. Two hours later a flatbed tow truck dropped this bad boy in my driveway. I had my mechanic come over and do a partial tune up. Right now it runs OK, but I think the timing could have been adjusted a little better.

Security Check

Due to what I'm guessing are old tires, plus no license plate tags and an expired AAA membership, I've just driven it around my neighborhood a few times. I can comfortably say that it starts, runs, shift through the gears and stops. If you're thinking that means you can fly in and drive it home, I would strongly recommend against that. For safety reasons alone, a more thorough inspection is warranted before heading out on the open road just yet.

Besides, you'd spend twice as much or more than it would cost to simply have it shipped. I'm in the heavy equipment freight business and know a few brokers who ship only vehicles, so if you'd like me to help you with a shipping quote, just let me know.

So I guess that's about it. The pictures really do tell the story on this one If you have any questions, just shoot me a message through the ebay system and I'll answer them as quickly as I can. Model J Mileage is quoted at just 47k and change, and it sounds like that number could be from new.

The interior also received a bit of restorative work, including new carpets, seat belts, and what looks like a new bench seat cover. The gauge pack and all associated switchgear also looks to be in good shape. All new wiring was also laid in, and a new fuel tank holds the dino juice. Many suspension and driveline components are also noted to be either new or restored. Enim enim adipisicing voluptate aliqua consectetur tempor non non in.

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