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Empaths are really interesting people in the sense that we mirror to others what they are emanating. I came to the conclusion quickly though that there are way too many variables at play for that to happen, including the fact that we are constantly changing and morphing into new versions of ourselves with almost every season.

The idea of a TwinFlame is that one soul separates into a masculine and feminine aspect before entering life here on the planet and eventually find each other and merge back together energetically.

This merging would happen on many layers of our being, mentally, emotionally, heart fusion and with the auras. This would allow them to combine forces and co-create in a powerful and exceptionally rare way. A way that would allow them to accomplish a hundred fold what they would normally be able to accomplish alone. I believe some of us are more similar in energetic blue print and life path than others, we all know that sensation of familiarity, being around someone whom thinks in a similar way and carries similar beliefs to us.

We all connect to different people in different ways and the way I see it, some of us will connect more so because certain chakras within are vibrating at similar rates. We might have similar family values 1st chakra but nothing in common when it comes to personality 3rd chakra or a strong connection to the universe or spirit 7th chakra but very different life purposes 2nd chakra.

Some of us might have barely anything in common and yet it just feels good to be around each other. This is what people refer to in the spiritual community as the various soul tribes within the larger tribe or family of awakened souls that gather. Some of us will naturally gravitate towards each other, based on a phenomenon called heart resonance and other similarities in the way we vibrate due to our thinking, feeling and expressing eg. The TwinFlame idea could then be put into perspective that way, a single current within the larger current that splits into two and enters the earth as different aspects of the very same soul incarnating simultaneously.

Sounds like a one in a million chance someone would find their exact stream here on earth, unless you believe that some things are pre-arranged or destined to happen to fulfil a joint-life purpose.

The closer two currents or sparks of light were, before entering the earth, the greater the heart resonance felt when finding each other here on the planet. Which means we have the chance of meetingpeople that will generate a feeling of home within us and activate us into new heights of wellbeing and creation. This creates the feeling that we are encountering that other half of ourselves in either a masculine or feminine form. Heart resonance is a very warm and fuzzy feeling, it produces sensations of ecstasy when intimate, often leading to cosmic love making, out of body experiences, distant telepathy and all sorts of other strange phenomena.

It is understood that the love we will feel for our TwinFlames will be so great that it will push to the surface anything within us of lower frequency that is preventing us from loving ourselves completely and unconditionally. Also with highly developed empaths we will experience this same thing because they will mirror back to us anything unhealed within that still needs to be seen and loved unconditionally.

The difference between the empath connection and the TwinFlame connection is that we will begin to see beneath the empathic mirroring of our partners the more time we spend with them. Who they are fundamentally is completely different, they were simply a superficial connection to something deeper within ourselves. Two similar souls such as TwinFlames, even if empathic will continue to unravel each other only to discover their similarities to a greater and greater degree.

My priorities have never been aligned with that of the average person. We all have life purposes but some of us are much more pushed by these. The attraction is that when TwinFlames come together they can co-create on a very successful and heightened level, how awesome is that? If you are both driven by a similar purpose. If two people can activate each other and fortify each other, you can complete the same amount of work that would normally be done in six hours, in two, or ten years in three.

The idea that many people might be reuniting with their TwinFlames simultaneously during this lifetime increases the chances of accomplishing within one generation, what generations would normally take to accomplish, how exciting! This may sound a little harsh but sometimes the biggest challenges in life are the ones that pay off the most.Last year, I met a person who I was convinced was my twin flame. I was 24 years old when we met, and upon meeting him, I experienced what is known as a kundalini or spiritual awakening.

Meeting this person shook up and disrupted my life in very painful ways. The relationship itself was so painful and traumatic that it forced me to do deep spiritual healing work to resolve the karma possibly from past lives, if you believe in that sort of thing that existed between this person and me.

I remember looking up articles about twin flames almost obsessively during the time we were connected, wondering if this person was my twin and if the connection was meant to last.

A lot of the articles I read during this time talked about how the connection was one in which there is a runner and a chaserand how often the male is the runner and the female is the chaser. In some situations, they do not even communicate with the empath at all, but the initial connection was strong enough to keep the empath thinking something more will come of it. The problem with these sorts of relationships is that they are totally emotionally based and do not involve any logic.

In my own situation, I had been a highly logical person in relationships before meeting the person I thought was my twin flame.

I chose partners who treated me well, but the connections never lasted. With the twin flame relationship, the connection was the opposite— it was totally emotional with no rationality. He did not give me any reason to love him, and yet I did unconditionally, no matter what he did to me. That is not real love, that is just an unhealthy attachment. I thought the relationship was teaching me patience and unconditional love, but what it ended up doing was causing me a lot of harm.

There were some positives that came out of the connection, and I do believe it happened for a reason. It was a highly karmic connection that served in my growth and evolution. Throughout the course of the relationship, I grew up. I learned to stop being codependent and depending upon men for my happiness as I had before meeting him.

I learned to tap more into my femininity and vulnerability as a woman. I learned to know and to trust God and the universe. Once I worked through the karma, my interest in him eventually waned into nothingness, and I have had fulfilling and satisfying relationships with others since then. Learn more about Thought Catalog and our writers on our about page. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

You may unsubscribe at any time.The Twin flame connection carries enormous transformational potential but also comes with a higher purpose; that of bringing new paradigm of heart-based living and spiritual partnerships to the Earth through the clearing of lower vibrational templates. When we as twin flames agreed to take on these patterns as part of our blueprint we knew that the deeper and darker the pattern within us, the brighter the influx of healing light and love on the planet when this pattern was released.

It is for this very reason that many of us chose to incarnate into some of the most dysfunctional families on earth — so that through our personal growth we could bring maximum benefit to all.

Being born into a wounded family, we could so easily slip down the path of dysfunction ourselves. Yet no matter what our lives are like, we all have the same opportunity to start anew with each day that is gifted to us. Sure enough, the struggle to break the cycles of abuse and addiction is real, but so is the potential for transformation allowing us to become more than the sum of our upbringing and inherited patterns.

It is a fact of life that as born healers and empaths, we tend to gravitate towards those who are wounded and in need of healing. We easily tap into the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others, understanding them intuitively; however we also often lack the ability to guard ourselves energetically, or to lay down healthy boundaries.

This narcissist on the other hand is not interested in healing: he is a taker, an energetic vampire, ready to suck the life out of the kind-hearted empath. He has no self-love and no interest in hiding his needs: after all if he did these might be ignored. Many twin flames have experienced these kinds of destructive dynamics prior to meeting each other and many are in such a relationship when they meet. Needless to say, this causes a lot of turmoil and it may be difficult for the Twin flame partner to understand why the other finds it so hard to leave.

They are desperate for it — even when the relationship is not working. When attempts to leave the relationship are met with a barrage of manipulation and emotional blackmail, the empath blames themselves for not having tried hard enough.

Empaths, highly sensitive people & those on the Twin Flame journey

In my pre-Twin life, I endured years of abuse at the hands of a man I met when I was just He was simply the funniest, most charming and romantic man I had ever met and I fell madly in love with his joie de vivre, sense of humour and spirit for adventure. Of course, for a long while I was completely oblivious to who he actually was — or to his past. Youngest of five siblings, abandoned by his violent father and raised by his immigrant mother in one of the most deprived suburbs of Paris, he had dropped out of school at 16 and fallen into a life of petty crime and unemployment.

The repercussions on his life and character were huge yet in my eyes none of this mattered: after all, I was here now ready to show him what love could do. From the start, our relationship was one with huge ups and down. His temper would flare up, I would get upset, and he would make it up to me with romantic gestures and so on.

The dynamic was exhausting but highly addictive. When the abuse appeared about a year into the relationship through a gradual process of degrading remarks, guilt-trips and then physical violence, I did not know how to handle it.

empath twin flame

I forgave him, refusing to believe that he would intentionally hurt me: he was only doing it because he had suffered too. Perhaps I had said something to warrant such a strong reaction? I wanted to show him that I would not hurt him like the rest of the world had. The truth was that I needed him as much as he needed me, and I was desperate for his love. Growing up, I had often heard the stories… My grandfather beating my grandmother up with a hammer… My grandma being admitted to a mental asylum for psychosis… Pictures and cassette recordings of my grandad sat in his living room drunk shouting obscenities… Or simply the tales of my own mother marrying the first man who took her away from the hell that was her childhood.As someone who was born highly empathetic and sensitive to everything around me, Twin Flame awakening ramped up the dial without warning!

I knew the truth, I felt the deep sadness their heart carried as though it was my own. I was attuned to the slightest change in atmosphere. On nights out I could sense when the energies were turning sour and swiftly vacate before drunken arguments started.

This was all the norm for me. Twin Flame awakening blew my senses into multi-dimensional realms. I became aware of the energy of the many signs and symbols that make up the landscape of our lives. I could feel and read the thought forms that people held or directed my way! I realised our thoughts can be just a violent as a physical assault.

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Anger and jealousy cutting deeply like a knife, leaving my nerves frayed. I realised everything has a vibration and I could feel it! This quick learning was for a reason. It rapidly grew my library of reference.

I could decipher the truth in situations with accuracy, as I now had a deep knowledge base to refer to. At times it could mean sensory overload but I used this to my advantage.

I was shifting my vibration and could no longer be around those who spoke negatively, their words, the gossip, the moaning, affected how I felt.

Spending time with them left me feeling like a deflated balloon. Most importantly, I was being taught to trust myself above all else. I have always been a girl of action. This has meant I often made decisions, which in reflection have been like jumping between islands across shark infested water. Knowing I had to move forwards and follow my heart. Once I have awareness, I have to take action. I wanted to write this to all of those out there who are struggling with their energetic sensitivity.

There are solutions and I am proof that you can ride these waves with a few changes to your routines.Empathic connections in twin flame relationships can be difficult to deal with, even for spiritually advanced twin flames.

Helping Your Narcissist Heal:Yes You Can

When you experience empathic connections, emotions can really get the better of you. Many people contact us who are unaware of what empathic twin flame connections are and how to handle them. Both twin flames and soul mates can have empathic connections with each other during their relationships.

They feel empathy with each other. According to Webster, empathy is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experiences of another, past or present, without having the feelings, thoughts or experiences communicated in an explicit manner.

Have you ever been in a positive mood, having a great day and out of nowhere wanted to cry for no reason? Has sadness, frustration or anger come out of nowhere and taken over your emotions?

In soul mate or twin flame relationships, that is what happens when you have an empathic connection with one another.

empath twin flame

Empathic Connections in Twin Flame Relationships. You pick up on each others emotions, thoughts and feeling. These feelings come at you like a huge wave that overpowers any other emotions you may be feeling at the time.

Many people really believe they are losing their grip on their own emotions and sanity when this happens. People who pride themselves as having strong characters that can keep it together find themselves falling apart because of these empathic connections.

So how can you tell when it is happening to you, and how do you handle it when it does? First, when feelings like this come at you and want to take over, you need to immediately address them the right way.

Ask yourself if you should honestly be feeling like this at this time. If the answer is no, then acknowledge it is not yours. That is the wrong move.

empath twin flame

Instead, take the message for what it is. If you have been wondering how they have been feeling or doing, now you know. Stay still until the two of you are in a better place to discuss it. The best relationships are those that have empathy and compassion towards one another.

Why The Idea Of A ‘Twin Flame’ Is Dangerous

Knowing how your twin flame is feeling is something you can utilize to better understand and support one another. It can be a helpful tool in creating a deeper understanding in your relationship. Soul mates, because of their dramawill have a harder time dealing with their empathic connections that twin flames do. They must work harder to be able to deal with the onslaught of emotions hitting them through their empathy channel.

Empathic connections between soul mates or twin flames is another validation that you both are truly connected on a spiritual level. Know that you are not crazy, this is really happening, and use that connection to promote growth in your relationship. Please also read our article Twin Flame Telepathy.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Myth of the Twin Flame Chaser.Many lightworkers — if not most — are also empaths.

An empath is defined as someone who can feel and experience the emotions and energies of others. This is also known as clairempathy or clairsentience.

empath twin flame

Of course, while this is a gift it feels like a curse for many…especially for those whom this gift is awakened in at a very young age. I have vivid memories of my childhood, of crying for reasons I could not explain to my parents. For a long time, myself and my mother assumed it was just depression. As I grew, I began to realize that what I was feeling was not always my energy. Empathic connections are strongest within the Twin Flame collective.

However, empaths can feel the energy of anyone and everyone. They can feel the energy of someone in the same room as them, or 3, miles away. They can even feel the energy of Mother Earth! Instead, this article is a collection of tools mostly energetic that I use, as an empath. Below are the six tools that I believe every empath should have! What are your favorite tools? Energy shielding will not shield you from all energies! It will shield you both from leaking and projecting your energy onto othersand on soaking theirs up like an energy sponge.

Shielding in the car before you go into a place a party, a club, a crowded store, etc. However, in a pinch you can also shield during said contact. For the most powerful shield, you should call upon a powerful energy. This can be your God, Archangel Michael, your higher self, your guardian angel, etc.

Focus on and imagine a bright bubble of light around you. This bubble should be colored - gold, pink, silver, platinum, and even black in extreme cases can be very useful. This bubble can be as big or as small as the situation calls. You can concentrate the bubble on specific areas head, heart, etc. The best part is that light bubbles not only protect your energy, but cleanse your energy.

Light bubbles will last every hours.The Twin flame connection carries enormous transformational potential but also comes with a higher purpose; that of bringing new paradigm of heart-based living and spiritual partnerships to the Earth through the clearing of lower vibrational templates. Mirror of my soul — Stories of you, me and eternity. Skip to content.

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Twin flame Telepathy - Embracing the communication between ascending hearts. Beware of the Twin Flame Label!


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