Dragon nest rigor

Let us start off with a quick look at the starting gameplay of Dragon Nest 2, which was recorded in a recent 5-day super-limited test phase. But before we talk more about Dragon Nest 2, let us look at some of the differences and similarities we know about the 2 games first. Do spend some time to give this a quick read! You can read more about this in our interview with Nexon. We are guessing that he is talking about Dragon Nest M.

We will talk more about this detail below. This feature removes the job advancement system in the game. Job advancement is still available here. Ok, with those details out of the way, let us talk more about and focus on Dragon Nest 2.

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We are guessing this lore master is someone over at Eyedentity Games. While we have to wait for future blog updates for the eact story of Dragon Nest 2, here are some points which the development team highlighted:. While being touted as a sequel, Dragon Nest 2 is also a new take on parts of the original story.

Yes, we know this is confusing, but these are what the developers wrote. The team aims to bring these lost tales into prominence through the eyes of a new generation of adventurers. That brings us to the end of this rather long article! We do not expect anything new to be announced at ChinaJoy regarding Dragon Nest 2, but do check back regularly for the latest details! Here are some of the costumes which are being prepared for Dragon Nest 2.

Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Tuesday, April 14, Forgot your password? Get help. MMO Culture. Dragon Nest 2 - Costumes artwork preview. Aura Kingdom 2 — Quick gameplay preview of upcoming global English server.New journey awaits, Dragon Slayers. Coming this month! If you could design your own mount, how would it look like? Share us an illustration of your desired mount, the best one gets 5, Red Diamonds!

It's showtime, designers! More views can be added as you wish. The owner will be disqualified immediately and will be penalized by laws. In case the winning design has been identified as mentioned above, the runner-up will take place as the winner - Upon submitting your work to this competition, you are responsible for any infringement on copyrighted materials.

Grab them and let's get those wedding costume!! Here we go! All our beloved double diamonds packages are now available again. Get some fertilizer to quickly grow your Peach. Hi, Dragon Slayers. Currently there's an issue in Typhoon Kim server where players cannot login to their characters. We're working on the issue and will get it fixed as soon as we can. We apologize for your inconvenience. The 2nd Flash Sale! In need of Gold? We heard you!

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Thank you in advance!Please improve the article or discuss the issue on the talk page. Stats are numbers representing how powerful a character is. The higher the stat is the stronger the character will be. For instance, a character with high Vitality will have a lot of HP, and a character with high Defense will take less damage from physical hits. The duration of paralyzing an enemy while attacking. This number is affected by your target's Paralyze Resist. Your chance of landing a stunning blow.

This is affected by your target's Stun Resist. Your chance of landing a critical blow. This is affected by your target's Crit Resist. Critical hits deal double damage in PvE and 1. They do not ignore defense as of August The chance you will resist being critically hit when attacked. Resisted critical hits are equal to non-crit damage. Your defense against Light-based attacks, including Lightning and Holy attacks.

Reduces chance of shock. Sign In. From Dragon Nest Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : Incomplete Game System. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 5 Augustat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc.

dragon nest rigor

Support Contact PRO.While studying at the Shanghai Theater Academyhe was invited to play the leading role Li Xiaoyao in the television series Chinese Paladinand immediately skyrocketed to fame as one of China's most popular actors.

Hu Ge was born in Shanghai on 20 September In addition to excellent academic work, Hu Ge's talents in a variety of extracurricular endeavors were also recognized. Meanwhile, he was also selected to host a program in East Radio Shanghai. Hu Ge began his acting career by appearing in TV commercials, which helped him gain financial independence before graduating from high school. Hu Ge decided to attend the latter, particularly attracted by its strong major in acting.

While he was still studying, Hu Ge was recommended by his friend to Chinese Entertainment Shanghai now known as Tangren Media where he acted as a voice dub actor for the drama The Book and the Sword. Following which, he signed on with the company. After appearing in numerous commercials, Hu starred in the film Pretend There's No Feeling with a minor role. On 15 MayHu released his second album, Startand embarked on his first solo concert in Shanghai.

Hu then reprised his role as Li Xiaoyao Chinese Paladin 3 while simultaneously acting as three other characters. He next starred as the male protagonist in The Mythbased on the Hong Kong film of the same title. To avoid being typecast, Hu subsequently stopped accepting any role in period dramas after he finished filming The Myth. He took on leading roles in modern dramas; Bitter CoffeeModern People and Unbeatableas well as war drama Shangri-La Hu returned to period drama in Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Skyadapted from the video game of the same namewhere he also acts as the series' producer.

He wrote the script for one of the stories Lights from the Cityand starred in 4 out of the 10 stories.

He acted as Patient No.

dragon nest rigor

Hu's performance in A Dream Like A Dream especially surprised many theatre criticsand garnered positive reviews all round. Originally cast in the role of the leading male role, Hu decided to take on the role of the second male lead instead, as it was a type of character he has never played before. InHu starred in espionage drama The Disguiserwhich was met with critical acclaim and dominated ratings. Hu Ge won awards at two of the most prestigious television awards in China for his role in Nirvana in Fire.The futile efforts of a small few to protect a small swatch of land and its peoples from being crushed between supernatural monsters, fascist regimes, and extra dimensional terrors.

Captain Deloso was riding shotgun in the front seat of a Zone Ranger APC, driving out on his squad's first official outing under his command. Beside him sat Thumper, a curious fellow command assigned to ship the team out on this excursion. He wasn't sure what the man's real name might be as pretty much everyone called him that; he could probably pull his file and find out if he retained the presence of mind to do so after the mission.

The name had something to do with penchant for explosions, so the rumor went. He was a technical specialist, Arcane sub-focus. So called "Techno-Mage. Not a part of Deloso's unit, but rather indented serve for delivery to the mission area, and evac, if necessary. Immediately behind him in the crew cab sat Jace Belleraphon, a Juicer, and Therun Dahl, officially the unit's intelligence officer, and second in command, though in reality, a Psi-Stalker.

He'd been Coalition once, though the details on what made him turn coat were not exactly common knowledge. Got tired of hunting down critters he had more in common with than the Skull-heads, maybe? At the rear of the cab, a massive wall of metal limbs and armor plates sat, taking up a bench intended for three human soldiers, readying his weapons as well. Four arms moved simultaneously over his gear, checking straps, securing plates, and arming weapons, all while eerily never moving his head.

K was a Borg; one of those with little enough human left to be worth the name. And this one seemed more willing than most to abandon the usual limitation of the human form; four arms, and an array of sensors and optics all around his head that allowed him to see what he was doing with all those arms without even having to shift his gaze. In the cargo hold at the back, crouched down in the wide open space at the rear, was "Ace" Boomer. He was already suited up, even though the space in the vehicle was barely large enough for the man's massive power-armour suit, even doubled up as he was.

Toughest piece of metal you find anywhere on this blasted earth, and with some of the biggest and baddest firepower you could muster as well. Even relatively man-sized as it was, given another feet of height and 2 tonnes of weight, of course, it was still more firepower than most giant robots three times its size. He'd lucked out to get one of those on his team; that kind of firepower could do a lot to turn the tide of any skirmish.

First official assignment wasn't technically supposed to be until tomorrow; a recon trip through this same area. However, the last recon team failing to report in, failing to arrive back at Refuge at the scheduled hour, dusk, just a few hours back, and a lack of other teams prepped to do anything about it meant that his team was getting a dry run a little early. Beyond the trees ahead, as the all-terrain Zone Ranger tore through grass and rocky outcrops with massive 6 foot wheels, you could see a bluish glow filling the night sky up ahead, another 5 klicks out or so.

This was a Ley-Line nexus; a smaller one, but one of several within an hour's drive of Castle Refuge. Of course, Castle Refuge itself was on a nexus, a much bigger one, though whatever charm the builder's had worked into the place seemed to keep Rifts from opening there, and all but the worst Ley-Line storms at bay.

Ley Line storms were unpredictable. They could amplify magical energy, or use it all up, leaving nothing for magic users to manipulate. They could cause Rifts to form, or even stranger phenomenon, like swapping a portion of countryside with a similar sized bit from another dimension.

If you happened to be in that chunk when it shifted? Too bad I guess. Better get used to your new home; shifts like that were generally permanent. Mission Briefing was this, already shared with the team: Recon team for this area is overdue. They should have been back at refuge about 3 hours ago, and haven't been in radio contact in about 5 hours.

A scout in a Titan Flying suit reported the lines near this nexus going crazy, visible even daylight. He didn't stick around, but stuck to his Flight plan, as ordered. However, he was pretty confident he was seeing the start of a storm brewing.

Even without the recon team overdue, a Ley-Line storm this close to Castle refuge probably would have warranted a patrol anyway.Goddess Althea created the beautiful world Alteia.

But she drank a poison of decadence and fell into a deep sleep. Red caped beauty but sensitive and bad tempered woman. She ignores other's opinions and do her own way but all that actions are quite right and it looks her more mysterious. She also participated in Black Dragon raid but only few knew about this and she couldn't be the one of six heroes. A leader of six heroes who beat Black Dragon Karas 50 years ago. One day he suddenly appeared and lead heroes to fight againest Black Dragon.

He's a super talented sword master and also has a knowledge about crests and spells. But heroes fell into mass confusion when his true nature was revealed at the end of Black dragon raid. He's from a low class noble but climbed up to the top knight only with his talents. Also lots of aristocats sponsored him because of his charming humanity and being a dragon slayer surely can be described as super luck.

Official reported he died in Black Dragon raid. A leader of mercenaries who participated in Black Dragon raid 50 years ago. He gathered scattered mecenaries and made a huge mercenary army camp that became a venturer's guild at present. He's bit hasty but a honest man.

After the Black Dragon raid, no one knows his whereabouts. She participated the Black Dragon raid with battle sorceress of Fairy Star and fought as much as other heroes. But now she's in her laboratory near Lotus Marsh and isolated herself from people. No one knows why she choose this fate. Royal messenger Elf archer from Anu Alendel. She contributed to establish diplomatic ties with Human to beat Black Dragon.

She also participated in Black Dragon raid with her Silver light crescent moon archers. After she returned to her homeland, she became a "Narcelia", a queen of elves. Teram met Gerrant in Saints Heaven by chance.Chapter 17 Setting a Trap.

Crystal Point Store Restructure. Guaranteed Purchase of Goddess Equipment. Purchased Currency of Lebria Heraldry Revised. Dreamy Dragon Jade Balance Change. Dreamy Dragon Jade Balance Modification. Skill Effect Changes of Particular Character. January Attendance Reward. January Costume: Pilot Costume. Gust Dragon Nest. It provides an environment where any participant can fight against a dragon.

Therefore, you can participate even if your equipment stat is low. If you have outstanding control, visibility into monster attack patterns, and the ability to play the role of an attacker, you can demonstrate and boast your capability through this content. Please refer below images to the added mission and title information.

Aurora Dragon Jade.


It can be equipped on necklaces with 95 level unique grade or higher, the same as Mirage and Paraselene Jade. Sunset Cloister Changes. Items that are missing some of their use destinations have been changed to collect items.

Hero Store Added. Therefore, it has fixed to only require Lebrium Points. We have lowered the craft cost from 50, gold to 1, gold. World Daily Task Added. In addition, a message will be displayed when clearing more than 14 floors of Sunset Training Ground. The following Dreamy Dragon Jade effects have been changed:.

Some skills effects have been changed for the following jobs. Modified the effects of cooldown reduction Heraldry so that any decrease is based on the current cooldown value.

dragon nest rigor

Everyone's Banquet. Each property can be developed up to 6. World Daily Task Event. Cash Shop Change. The effect applied on all max level character in your account. Legend Pet Added. This is not a growth pet.

Dragon Nest. Chapter 17 Setting a Trap


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