Cannondale supersix evo 105 5 review

There have obviously been economies to condense a Tour de France triple green jersey-winning superbike in to a more realistic budget, and they begin with the frameset. Leaving aside the lofty Evo Nano, the heart of the SuperSix range uses high modulus carbon, for ultimate strength and light weight, but the Evo 5 sheds price with its BallisTec carbon construction, which uses standard high strength carbon with limited high modulus material in key areas to increase stiffness.

Manufacturing costs have also been cut by swapping the internal rear brake cable guides for an external route beneath the top tube, and shifting the head tube gear cable stops to the down tube.

The net result is a frame that Cannondale still claims weighs under g, and that certainly bears its family DNA. In this spec, that ability is a little masked by the efficient, but average Shimano RS11 wheelset and 25mm Schwalbe Luganos.

Descending is a calm and confident experience, the bike cornering with cheetah-like composure, our only issue being a lack of brake bite.

cannondale supersix evo 105 5 review

Bedding in may improve things, but on dry and wet rides, stopping was unimpressive. Cannondale Supersix Evo 5 review. Latest deals. Skip to view product specifications. Cannondale Supersix Evo 5 Robert Smith. Claimed frame weight is under g Robert Smith. The BallisTec construction puts hi-mod carbon in key places Robert Smith. This bargain Evo still handles descents with supreme composure Robert Smith.

The ballistec construction puts hi-mod carbon in key places: Robert Smith. This bargain evo still handles descents with supreme composure: Robert Smith. Robin Wilmott. Daily Deals.

Subscribe Now. You may also like. Road Bikes. Cannondale Supersix Sagan LE review. Cannondale Supersix Evo 3 review. Cannondale SuperSix Evo 5 review.The original hi-mod SuperSix Evo was, hands down, our favourite super bike of recent years.

It was an intoxicating blend of light weight, quick handling and stability, backed up with a remarkably smooth ride for such a highly focused pro-level race machine.

Cannondale has managed to get the Evo 5 below two grand by using standard carbon, rather than hi-mod, and by routing the rear brake cable externally rather than internally.

This only adds a few grams to the frame weight, but it considerably reduces manufacturing and assembly time. It makes servicing easier too. Aside from gaining some grams everything we love about the hi-mod Evo is present here.

The rear end simply smooths out roads, thanks to the twisting and flattening chainstays and the slender, kinked seatstays. The slender-legged fork has much the same effect up front; this bike rolls like silk, floating across scarred, coarse tarmac with ease.

The SuperSix Evo flies up hills and races back down. The RS11s feature aero profiled 30mm deep rims and if their predecessors, the RS10s, are anything to go by, these should prove tough and hard-wearing.

The Cannondale SuperSix EVO Gets a Slippery Redesign

We were impressed with the preformance of the Schwalbe Lugano tyres too, especially in the wet. Their filed tread sheds water well and they offer decent cornering grip in all conditions. For 23c tyres they have ample flex to help the rides smoothness.

The SuperSix Evo 5 is chameleon-like in nature. It can be both a smooth-riding sportive speedster and a rapid accelerator that can cope with rough surfaces one minute and sprint attacks the next. The downside? Cycling Plus is available on Apple Newsstand and Zinio. Cycling Plus is the UK's best selling monthly road cycling magazine. Established inevery issue is packed with expert reviews of the latest road bikes and gear, inspirational routes and rides, evocative features that take you inside every aspect of cycling and unmatched nutrition, fitness and training advice.

Cannondale SuperSix Evo 5 review. Latest deals. Our review A true thoroughbred and proven race machine at a great price. Skip to view product specifications. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. You may also like. Road Bikes.

Cannondale Supersix Evo 105 5 review

Giant Propel Advanced 3 review.Road-race bikes come in many flavors and prices, from World Tour—level replicas to models that are better suited for club rides, long meandering miles, and, yes, racing. The Cannondale SuperSix Evo is a budget-priced offering that is good for all these exploits. All of them share the same geometry and ride characteristics, but with different levels of components. Models are available at all price ranges, and three are available with disc brakes.

Cable routing is external, and Cannondale sticks with a PressFit bottom bracket to hold the brand's Si System Integration alloy, three-piece crankset.

The frameset fits tires up to 28mm wide disc models fit slightly larger rubber. The frame and fork feature continuous-strand construction—carbon fiber material laid up in uninterrupted sections from the tip of the fork legs to the top of the steerer tube and, on the frame, in continuous strands from the bottom bracket around the dropouts to the seat cluster. Cannondale says this adds strength and durability to the material and allows its engineers to target comfort and ride quality.

Component Highlights The SuperSix Evo is built with a reliable Shimano component group driven by a Cannondale house-brand three-piece Si crank. The bike comes with a Selle Royal Seta S1 saddle and house-brand C3 alloy seatpost, stem, and handlebar to round out the build. Mavic supplies Aksium Elite alloy wheels and Yksion Elite tires in 25mm. This is a common wheelset on bikes in this price range and we've found them to be a solid choice with excellent braking even in wet weather and above average durability.

Riding the SuperSix Evo In some ways, the guiding principle behind go-fast bikes is simple—they're made to cover ground as fast as possible.

cannondale supersix evo 105 5 review

But the better ones are efficient to maximize your energy, comfortable to keep you fresh and cranking out the watts longer, and handle reliably so you can trust them them in any situation. The Supersix Evo does all that to a some degree and at a reasonable price.

It has typical race geometry—not as upright as an endurance bike, or so short that you're forced to hunch over like a sprinter. The ride is comfortable, softer than what you find on some road bikes that can feel overly stiff. Yet it can handle a surge of watts without flexing under the strain. In sprints and fast gallops all the force goes just where you want it to: right to the tires propelling your forward. At Racers who want to shave a few grams can upgrade to a set of faster, lightweight dedicated race wheels and still having a great set of wheels for non-competition days.

For non-racers looking for a comfortable bike to put the miles in, take part in a fondoor just putter about on an efficient, comfortable bike, the SuperSix Evo is an excellent option.

Those same traits that make it race worthy work well for that type of riding too. Bikes and Gear. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. How to Ride Bike Rollers. Trevor Raab. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.Race performance is hugely influenced by wheels and tyres, and these 35mm tall carbon clinchers are 17mm wide internally, making for aerodynamic wheels that maintain low rotational mass with great agility. Those lines do affect how the bike fits, though, with a shorter head-tube and less exposed seatpost than semi-compact designs. If you want to race, the lower position made possible by a shorter head-tube is ideal; you may wish to swap the supplied 25mm tall headset top cap for a shorter one.

At the other end, the amount of exposed seatpost could be 50 percent less than other frame styles.

Cannondale Super Six Evo 105 5C (2016) : Expert Review

Cannondale addresses this with its With the advent of discs we brake less often on carbon rims, but the Hollowgram Si wheels scrub speed and stop quickly with consistent brake feel and no grabbing. Repeated firm, late braking gave reliable results and when accelerating with intent out of corners, the Evo felt far more eager to go again than my legs. The gearing is ideal for modern competition and is well up to going racing, with positive operation and great feel from the controls.

Robin began road cycling inand with mountain bikes in their infancy, mixed experimental off-road adventures with club time trials and road races. Cyclocross soon became a winter staple, and has remained his favourite form of competition. Robin has always loved the technical aspect of building and maintaining bikes, and several years working in a good bike shop only amplified that.

Latest deals. Pros: Upgraded wheelset, ride quality, composure.

cannondale supersix evo 105 5 review

Cons: Alloy seatpost and limited availability. Skip to view product specifications. Lightweight Si crankset. Looking for a bargain of a first race bike? Get down to your Cannondale dealer. Russell Burton. Robin Wilmott Technical Writer. Daily Deals. Subscribe Now. You may also like. Buying Guides.In contrast with its name, the new SuperSix EVO is more revolution than evolution and a complete root and branch overhaul of the model. Some commentators were dismayed to see the new EVO gain dropped seatstays, a sloping top tube and aero tube profiles, just like any number of the current crop of leading road bikes.

Cannondale provides the alloy bar and stem, plus the slim, truncated airfoil-shaped seatpost. The flexible brake hoses are routed tightly beneath the stem, then drop through an opening in the extended front of the headset top cap.

Hacking around my local country lanes after weeks of sustained rain meant new potholes and more damaged tarmac, plus the need for lots of evasive action. With 75 to 80psi in the Vittorias, the EVO felt beautifully composed, whether gliding along on the flat or weaving around obstructions. Seated comfort from the Prologo saddle, that aluminium seatpost and the dropped stays are impressive, too, and put the new EVO right up there with the best current road bikes.

Line choices are easier, cornering more composed and pushing hard feels less stressful. The bikes were tested against each other to find out which one provides the best blend of comfort and performance. Robin began road cycling inand with mountain bikes in their infancy, mixed experimental off-road adventures with club time trials and road races. Cyclocross soon became a winter staple, and has remained his favourite form of competition. Robin has always loved the technical aspect of building and maintaining bikes, and several years working in a good bike shop only amplified that.

Latest deals. Our review A refined ride quality, impressive comfort and speed potential.

Cannondale Supersix Evo 105 review

Pros: Excellent bump-smoothing, composed handling. Cons: That frame deserves better wheel performance. Skip to view product specifications. Dropped seatstays, sloping top tube and aero tube profiles. Robert Smith. Robin Wilmott Technical Writer.The new third-generation model is still light, and still stiff, but Cannondale has now also infused it with a hearty dose of aerodynamic efficiency as well.

Taken in total, the new bike should make for an even-better all-rounder for those that not only want to feel fast, but actually go fast, too. No one has ever debated that the outgoing second-generation SuperSix Evo was both light and stiff, but the reality is that low mass and high stiffness only get you so far.

Unfortunately, the nominally round tubes long favored by the SuperSix Evo that are great for structural efficiency are also pretty terrible when it comes to cutting through the wind. Perhaps more impressively, Cannondale claims to have done this while adding no weight relative to the previous version and actually increasing stiffness slightly — claims echoed by pretty much every other bike company that has incorporated such Kamm tail profiles to its quiver of bike designs.

The third-generation SuperSix Evo still feels light and stiff, but now it has the aerodynamic features needed to keep up with its competition.

The Best Got Better? - Cannondale SuperSix EVO - Road Bike of The Year Winner

Further adding to the aero story are newly dropped seatstays — a well-proven way to reduce drag — a new aero-profile Knot 27 carbon seatpost, a low-profile Hollowgram SAVE SystemBar integrated bar-and-stem, and fully internal cable routing from tip to tail. In total, the new SuperSix is said to require about 30W less effort to maintain a speed of Naturally, Cannondale is making some big claims in terms of aero advantages over some key competitors, too.

Flat-backed truncated airfoil profiles are used pretty much throughout the new Evo. Even more interesting, however, is that Cannondale is even claiming fairly sizable performance gaps over the similarly aero-minded Cervelo R5 and Specialized Tarmac SL6, with roughly 12W and 9W advantages, respectively. The D-shaped carbon fiber seatpost is not only more aerodynamic than a round one, but is theoretically more comfortable, too. Kudos to Cannondale for including a rubber cover to help keep debris from building up inside the frame.

Cannondale conducted those tests in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel in San Diego, California, using complete bikes in comparable sizes and identical Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 groupsets, but with variations in wheels, tires, and cockpit components based on manufacturer spec. Of all the bikes tested, only the SuperSix Evo was equipped with an aero-focused bar-and-stem, and given that Cannondale quotes a 9.

Similarly equipped, the Roadmachine and Emonda would still be slower, but not as dramatically so, and this third-gen SuperSix Evo would basically fall right on top of the current Tarmac SL6 and R5.

The integrated handlebar setup further enhances the aerodynamic performance of the new SuperSix Evo. Needless to say, few of us are usually cruising at Weight-wise, Cannondale claims that the top-end Hi-Mod Disc version tips the scales at g for a painted 56cm sample, plus another g for the matching fork, cut to fit. The proprietary seatpost adds another g.

cannondale supersix evo 105 5 review

The standard SuperSix Evo Disc — which is built with a less advanced blend of carbon fiber — comes in at g, g, and g for the same specifications. Cannondale will offer rim-brake models, but only in standard-modulus frames; true weight weenies will unfortunately have to look elsewhere. Claimed weight for the SuperSix Evo Rim is g for a painted 56cm frame, plus g for the fork, and the same g for the seatpost. The total size range still spans a generous cm, but there are now eight sizes instead of nine.

Each one also offers a slightly less aggressive fit than before with subtly taller stack heights and shorter reach figures across the board; differences are generally only in the single-digits in terms of millimeters. The stack and reach vary more linearly across the size range than before, in an effort to provide riders of all compatible heights with a similar fit experience.

The longstanding idea there is that larger riders can benefit from bikes with quicker handling, whereas shorter riders need more stability. An increasing number of companies seem to be casting doubt on that philosophy, though, Cannondale included.

On this new third-generation SuperSix Evo, Cannondale wants riders of every height to have the same handling experience. Every size now has the same 58mm trail dimension, save for the 44cm size, which only deviates slightly to 60mm. One key update is undoubtedly going to be very controversial.

Take it or leave it. Sorry, folks, the new SuperSix Evo now has a sloping top tube. Cannondale also claims to have made the new bike more comfortable to ride, owing to the flat-backed seatpost and seat tube, the dropped seatstays, and the flattened tops on the integrated handlebar-and-stem setup, all of which promote flex on bumps.

The scalloped rear section of the proprietary seatpost should theoretically enhance rider comfort on rough roads.The Takeaway: Aerodynamics dominate the SuperSix EVO update, but the road bike promises to be more comfortable and just as versatile as its predecessor.

The bike, which launches today, features full internal cable routing and truncated airfoil tubing that blends the drag-reducing benefits of a full airfoil with the lightness of round tubing. Cannondale will offer six disc-brake options and two rim-brake models for men, and three disc models and a single rim-brake option for women. Air resistance accounts for half of total riding resistance at 9mph and only becomes more influential as you go faster, Devine says, so the new SuperSix EVO should give you marginal gains even at climbing speeds.

The new seatpost also gets the truncated airfoil shape, and the binder is integrated. In addition to its aerodynamic advantages, the new bike should ride even smoother than its predecessor. The geometry is mostly similar to the old bike. Stack heights are about 10mm higher for the larger sizes and a few millimeters higher for the smaller bikes, and reach is down by 3mm to 5mm across the size range.

The sensor combines GPS and rolling information to give you precise data on your speed, distance, and route. Bikes and Gear. United States. Type keyword s to search. By Dan Roe. Trevor Raab. SpeedRelease These thru-axles come out after a quick turn, making wheel swaps faster. Integrated Power Activating the integrated Power2Max power meter costs less than a buying new one.

Slippery Tubing Cheat the wind and save your watts for the sprint finish. From a seated riding position, Cannondale engineers claim 30 percent more deflection from the dropped seatstays and reshaped seatpost. That should give you a smoother ride. The HollowGram rims are designed to stay aerodynamic with bigger tires; the bike will accommodate rubber up to 30mm.

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